MRI-Compatible Treadmill Provides Best Images Yet of Heart After Exercise
June 15, 2011,

MRI-compatible treadmill images heart defects at stress MRI
May 20, 2011, By Wayne Forrest,

Change and Innovation
Jul 7, 2010, The Ohio State University Medical Center

Ohio State researchers invent first MRI treadmill
May 20, 2009, The Lantern, The Ohio State University
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Metal modification: Ohio State heart doctors, engineers work to pair treadmill test and MRI
November 18, 2008, By Misti Crane, THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH

MR-compatible treadmill eases cardiac stress imaging
October 6, 2008, Diagnostic Imaging

High Resolution Heart Images Now Available at Peak Stress
July 30 2008, Ohio State University Medical Center Video New Release
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